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The usual thing is going to New York by plane unless you travel from another part of the United States.Thousands of flights land daily in New York, both domestic and international so it’s important to know that the city has three airports.

John F. Kennedy Airport, LaGuardia Airport and Newark-Liberty Airport are located between Queens and New Jersey. The airports in the New York metropolitan area combine to create the largest airport system in the United States, the second largest in the world in terms of passenger traffic, and largest in the world in terms of total flight operations.


  • John Fitzgerald Kennedy Airport (JFK).

Re-named after President Kennedy, the JFK are the largest airport of the three in New York and one of the most important airports in the world. It’s located in Queens (15 miles from Manhattan) and most of the international flights that arrive at this airport come from Europe.

JFK has 8 terminal airports that are connected by AirTrain so you can move from one to another in a few minutes. As expected, it has a lot of services, so won’t be starving in case of waiting many hours there. Due to its location and passenger traffic, it is the New York airport with the best airport-Manhattan transfer services.


  • Newark-Liberty Airport.

It is located in New Jersey, at the west of Manhattan. If your flight to New York comes from airports in France, London, and other European cities, there’s a possibility that your plane will arrive here.

This airport also has Airtrain service as well, to connect its 3 terminal airports. Newark-Liberty Airport is located about 15 miles from the Manhattan center, so you can use this service to get to Penn Station.

A very recommendable alternative is to take the bus “Newark Airport Bus Express”, you can to choose any of the 3 stops it makes in Manhattan.


  • LaGuardia Airport.

This airport is the closest one to Manhattan. It’s only 6 miles away from the Manhattan center. One of the main benefits of its proximity is that the transfer to Manhattan can be extremely affordable if you take the bus. The approximate time that takes to get to downtown Manhattan from LaGuardia Airport is 40 minutes.

It opened commercial flights in 1939. This airport as JFK airport and Newark airport is part of the world’s busiest airport in flight operations. It has 2 land strips and 4 terminal airports.

You can find all kinds of services, such as car rental, shuttle bus, taxis or subways to New York City in any of the 3 airports.


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